asymmetry analysis with ANTs

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asymmetry analysis with ANTs

requires ANTs version Oct. 30, 2013 or later

run the asymmetry command mapping an input to a symmetric template -d 2 -a 0 -f data/symm_t.nii.gz -m data/asymm_s.nii.gz -o XXXX

you can build a symmetric template by running antsMultivariateTemplate construction

where you input images and their reflections - J and reflection(J) around the axis of symmetry

you can reflect an image by:

ImageMath 2 reflection.mat ReflectionMatrix r16slice.nii.gz 0

antsApplyTransforms -d 2 -i r16slice.nii.gz -o test.nii.gz -t reflection.mat -r r16slice.nii.gz

the above analysis produces an asymmetry image based on the jacobian.