01 January 1900

Brian Avants lives in Philadelphia and works at the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Image Computing and Science Laboratory west of the Schuylkill River. Dr. Avants works with like-minded individuals to produce high-quality open-source software. His technical interests include multiple modality neuroimaging, machine learning, image segmentation, multivariate prediction, image registration, software engineering and automated verification. Dr. Avants collaborates in patient-specific studies of longitudinal change, pediatric neuroimaging, quantifying effects of early environment on brain development and on studies of the relationship between neuroanatomy and cognitive decline in aging and neurodegeneration. Dr. Avants contributes regularly to the Insight ToolKit (one of the world’s largest imaging focused open-source toolkits), Advanced Normalization Tools ANTs, SCCAN, InSANE and other open-source projects. The heart, lungs and other organs are also occasional topics of research.

Brian was educated at the New College of Florida (B.A. Physics), Columbia University (M.S. Applied Physics) and the University of Pennsylvania (M.S., Ph.D. in computer science and bioengineering). He is currently an Assistant Professor in Radiology at UPenn.

contact: stnava at gmail dot com

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