B. Avants

Brian B. Avants

Cell: 215-870-0787
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I extract information from complex datasets that include imaging. I created open-source projects, ANTs and ANTsR (answer), that I use on a daily basis to manage, interpret and visualize multidimensional data. This WordCloud summarizes my topics of research. Some consider ANTs the leading medical image registration toolkit in the world. ANTsR is an emerging tool supporting standardized multimodality image analysis and was instrumental to a recent win in the BRATS 2013 brain tumor segmentation challenge. I am also a founder and lead developer of the Insight ToolKit (ITK), a medical image processing library used throughout academia and industry. My h-index is here.


New College of Florida - Sarasota, FL

BA: Physics

University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, PA

MS: Computer Science
PhD: Bioengineering


Executive Skills

Grantsmanship, management and motivation of software development teams, team leader for large research projects, experienceed presenter

Computer skills

C++, CMake, R, Bash, Rst, LaTeX, Git, Gerrit, others as needed

Industry Experience

Siemens Corporate ResearchDeveloper - Princeton, NJ, 1999

  • Quantified & visualized 3D vasculature from CT & MRI
  • Software led to clinical application
  • Developed proof-of-concept Graphical User Interface
Large-Scale Development Leadership

Insight ToolKit Version 4 Development Leader 2010 - present

  • Led image registration team: "registration is the most important part of ITK"
  • Redesigned for generality, automation, multi-core computation
  • Joined with Kitware, GE, Natl. Lib of Medicine & Academics to achieve goals
Academic Leadership

University of Pennsylvania Assistant Professor, Radiology, 2012 - present

  • Surfing, skateboarding, hiking, cycling, running, music-playing, gardening
  • Visualization: e.g. a gource of ANTs development
  • Presentations: e.g. a Prezi about ANTs (WIP)
  • Reproducible science as a teaching tool: e.g. compilable ANTs tutorial (WIP)
  • Other examples slideshow
  • References
    Available on request
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